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About Me.


Born in the Isles of Scilly in 195.. Surrounded by nature; it would have been hard not to develop a love of wildlife.
With the late David Hunt as a friend and mentor I soon appreciated Scilly's uniqueness as a place to watch birds and in particular witness the spring and autumn migration.
 David was a pioneer Bird photographer and considering the equipment he was using, many of his shots would not look out of place on a website today.  He sold me my first telephoto lens and gave me much  advise and encouragement.
My first  foreign birding trip was to India in in 1985, followed by two trips to Nepal, (which remains one of my favorite destinations).
Then began a series of repeat visits to Thailand, Malaysia and Laos.
2004 and 2005 saw visits to Southern Spain.
 Latterly it has been the continent of Africa that has drawn me back each winter.Several visits to the tiny but bird rich country of Gambia and thanks entirely to the generosity of my great friends James and Elise Wolstencroft four wonderful trips to Tanzania.